eCommerce MasterPlan Fast Track

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invaluable adviceOne of the key roles of the eCommerce MasterPlan is to help you build your business FASTER! Getting where you want to go in fewer months, and with spending less time on things.

To help you do that, beyond the books, there are a number of services we offer to help you fast-track your eCommerce success:

  • Online Training Courses
    We’re building up a suite of online training courses both on implementing the eCommerce MasterPlan itself, and the different marketing methods you are choosing to use. Currently available:

  • Face to Face Training Courses
    We can train your team in how to use the online marketing tools themselves. That might be PPC, or Twitter, or Google Analytics. Details of existing training sessions are on our sister site:

  • The inner circle:
    If you really want to make your eCommerce business great – then you need to be part of the inner circle.

  • Speaking
    Do you run events for online marketers and business owners? ChloĆ«’s available to speak at such events:

  • Consulting Projects
    Want us to build the plan for you? That’s what the consulting projects are for: