5 Tips to Convince Customers to Buy from your Website

Time and time again surveys show that a top reason people don’t buy online is a fear of the security of their details.

There are a number of simple things you can do to improve how secure visitors to site think it is, the more they trust you and your website the more likely they are to buy:

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14 Ways to Increase your Conversion on the Product page [eCommerce Infographic]

The humble product page has soooooo much impact on your sales, and I love the 14 points that are outlined in this infographic. [Read more…]

eCommerce Website Choice Discussion [Audio]

Earlier this week I was involved in a fascinating debate about eCommerce platforms. Which website to use to sell your products, where eBay and Amazon fit in the mix, and how to work out which the right solution for your business is.

At the last moment it was decided that, due to the great people in the room it would be worth recording the debate. [Read more…]

Etsy – a different kind of eCommerce

etsyIf you’ve not yet heard of Etsy you will. It’s quite a different approach to selling online that tackles a niche marketplace, and embraces all that the niche stands for – including the social / community side.

What is Etsy?

www.etsy.com is an online marketplace that facilitates the selling of craft and vintage goods by those who make / find them. (in eCommerce Business Structure terms it’s Niche PiggyBack)

There’s quite a community on the site with over 7m users worldwide. And in 2010 sales revenue was $314m.

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Are you losing money by not embracing mobile eCommerce? [eCommerce Infographic]

Getting your website mobile is no where near as difficult as it was a few years (or even months) ago. [Read more…]

Festie Guru – How creating a mini-site can give anyone the benefits of a Niche Product Range

festie guruWhen Ticketmaster wanted to increase their sales of festival tickets the solution was to create a totally new website – FestieGuru.

A website selling only festival tickets, and with lots of content and search tools to help each customer find the right festival for them.

The approach has enabled the team to hugely increase sales of tickets (sorry but I can’t share those numbers with you!), by harnessing all the benefits of a Niche Product Range whilst still having the huge product range of Ticketmaster.

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Making Personalisation Easy – Trenance Chocolates Case Study

trenance chocolatesTrenance Chocolates make luxury handmade chocolates in Cornwall, UK. Focusing on bringing the customer flavours they’ll love within fantastic chocolate. (If you’re one of my clients – these are the chocolates you get at Christmas!).

As part of this desire to give customers the right flavours, they’ve created a “Design your own box” tool on the website. So if you want a box entirely packed with dark chocolate fruit flavours – you’ve got it!

This is personalisation by product selection rather than putting your initials or a photo on it. On their website they’ve executed it really simply. You would think that allowing someone to build a box of chocolates from a choice of 69 different chocolates would be complex, but it’s a breeze. Let’s see how they’ve done it:

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Consumer Psychology and the eCommerce Checkout [infogrpahic]

Building on last week’s infographic all about building trust, here’s how to take the next step. This infographic explains what the customer’s thinking and how they’re reacting as they checkout.

Including how site speed impacts them, how design impacts and more.

eg offering multiple product views and other alternative images lead to 58% more sales.

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Roadmap fora Trusty eCommerce Website [infographic]

Trust is something you need to start building as soon as someone hits your site, if you want to maximise the sales coming into your business.

Covering the things you say, your site layout, and cart layout – this is a very useful little infographic.

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eCommerce Website Review – Wholesaler FirstBike.com

This is a different type of site review to our normal fare.

Rather than looking at an eCommerce site with lots of products, we’re looking at the eCommerce site of a wholesaler/ manufacturer who sells ONE product.

Despite that there are some great tips in here for any eCommerce business:

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