Get more engagement on Pinterest [eCommerce Infographic]

6 simple tips to get more repins / likes and interactions with your pins:

  1. include a price for 36% more likes
  2. use light (not dark) images – repinned 20x more
  3. call to actions – increases engagement 80%
  4. write 200-300 characters (get 57% more shares)
  5. tall images – shared 67% more than short ones
  6. no faces – gets you 23% more repins

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Fuel your eCommerce Engine with Social Content [eCommerce infographic]

Cracking infographic from OfferPop, outlining the power of social content, and HOW to get it.

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Automating Pinterest – How to Schedule your Pins

Pinterest pinning buttons in browserPinterest continues to drive the best converting traffic to eCommerce websites. To increase your traffic from Pinterest you need to build a following by pinning regularly. For many businesses that means remembering to log in each day and pin a couple of images.

How much easier would it be if you could plan this week / month / quarter’s pinning in advance AND set it all up to go?

This blog is my quick guide to the services which are our there right now to help you do just that.

A warning before we get started though – as yet I’ve found nothing as good as the twitter scheduling tools (Hootsuite, Sproutsocial, tweet deck etc).

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Unboxing – suprising marketing benefits from your parcels…

If you’ve not come across the world of ‘unboxing’ it’s a youtube trend that started with High Tec products and has now moved into more mainstream product areas.

They are videos of people unboxing a product. And talking the viewer through the packaging and what’s in the box.

Here’s a typical one from the high tec world:

This is now sneaking into eCommerce – and bringing lots of Content Marketing and Social Media marketing benefits to those brands who are able to harness it. Let’s run through some examples…

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Rise of Social Media in eCommerce [infographic]

This infographic shows the link between social sharing and sales increases. It starts with some big stats on the case for using social. Then it goes into some tips on how to use each of the key engines for social.

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Taking Orders and Payments by Social Media – KLM Leads the Way

Not only can we learn a thing or two from the Dutch about dealing with flooding, we can also learn a thing or two from them about making social eCommerce easy, and a great piece of customer service.

Admittedly KLM have 130 social media agents answering about 35,000 queries a week. All working to provide a great service for their customers – not all of us can mimic that! But you don’t need that many people to offer this in your business.

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Double Your Twitter Followers in Just 5 Minutes Per Day [infographic]

You really can’t fake Twitter.

Well, actually you can fake the number of followers you have – but forcing the number up if they’re not interested followers is a total waste of time.

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Making the Most of the Storms #Openforbusiness

Whilst lots of us in the UK are really suffering from the weather, floods and storms, it can cause non-reality related weather issues!

For example a lot of business down here near eCMP HQ in Cornwall are suffering not because of the storms but because of the BBC’s blanket coverage that we’re “cut off”. Which isn’t true.

So the tourist board have pulled together this video, and grabbed the hashtag #openforbusiness to show the world that we’re ready for Half Term and the Summer.

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10 Ways to Boost your Facebook Page Engagement [infographic]

This infographic about Facebook Engagement will help you focus in on the key things you can do to improve engagement.

What is Facebook Page Engagement? It’s the not-so-secret way to succeed on Facebook, to get more like, visits, traffic, and ultimately sales. It works because the more people you have interacting (engaging) with your posts and page, the more people will see your content, and the more they’ll interact, and the more people will see it – and on – and on.

Why do you want to improve your Engagement on Facebook to grow your list and improve your sales…

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Pinterest Tip: how to run a Pin it to Win It competition

Pin it to Win It is a very popular tactic to grow your Pinterest followers. In this post I’m going to explain exactly how to run your own Pin It To Win It competition. [Read more…]