Should you change your Search Strategy for Christmas?

Around this time of year, you may well be thinking whether you should be changing your SEO focus for the Christmas period.

SEO activity can take anything from 4-6 months to several years to properly bed in, so it’s a little late to try refocusing entirely for Christmas 2014. Plus you need to be certain whether it’s even needed for your site or whether you can rely on the SEO structure that you have at the moment. [Read more…]

How Content Marketing Affects Search Engine Rankings [eCommerce Infographic]

Interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons people follow businesses on Social Media.
Succeeding on Social Media helps your search traffic grow, and to succeed on social media you need good content.
That’s the pretty simple message that this infographic gives you stats to back up. [Read more…]

Just what is Search? [video]

How Google works is something you need to understand if you’re going to succeed in getting traffic from Google to your eCommerce website.

Many people I speak to struggle to understand it, and not unsurprisingly given that it’s a very complex system.

Below is a great video by Matt Cutts (Google’s search supremo!) explaining how it all works. [Read more…]

Google Ranking Factors – eCommerce Infographic

Following on from last week’s eCommerce Infographic that was all about the YouTube ranking factors – here’s another infographic from the same designer (Martin Missfeldt) all about Google Ranking Factors.

  • Onpage factors you should be able to set up and forget about
  • Author / Brand means constantly putting up good quality content and building your reputation
  • Then the backlinks and the social are all about making people aware of what you’re doing

Take a look – what easy fix can you put in place today to improve your Google traffic?

[Read more…]

How to set up your Google Site Map

A Google Site Map is one of those marketing tactics that you set up and forget about. Usually until you build a new website, forget to rebuild it, and suddenly find all your search traffic has dropped away.

It’s a little silent miracle worker. And every website should have one.

[Read more…]

Missing Keyword Data – what to do!?! [not provided]

google analytics not provided onlyAs of now Google have take (not provided) in the keyword reports on Google Analytics to the ultimate level. What that means is that from now onwards you will get no data on what keywords people used to get to your website on the Google search engine, via the Google Analytics Keywords report.

This is for “privacy” reasons as all searches now take place on encrypted servers. I could go into lots of detail about that – but it’s not going to change the situation, so let’s concentrate on what you can do.

[Read more…]

Hummingbird = forget keywords, think great content pages

For those of you don’t spend your days reading marketing news blogs, let me start by explaining what Hummingbird is.

In late September Google announced it had launched a COMPLETELY NEW search algorithm, called Hummingbird because it’s precise and fast. Key facts you need to know:

  1. This is the algorithm that determines what appears on the search engines results pages (SERPs) when someone enters a search on Google
  2. Google have 100% replaced the old algorithm (the one that had all the penguin, and farmer updates) with a brand spanking new algorithm
  3. Hummingbird was live throughout September, and basically no one realised until Google told us. So there’s no immediate big impact to watch out for [Read more…]

The Most Dangerous Thing In SEO In 2013

It’s nothing complicated – so don’t worry!

In my opinion the most dangerous thing in Search right now is people and businesses hanging onto tactics that don’t work anymore, and risk damaging a site’s reputation with Google.

We’ve been in a post-Penguin, post-Panda world for quite some time now, and it’s reached the point where you really should know what you SHOULDN’T do.

This week I received an email that very quickly demonstrates exactly what you shouldn’t be doing…

[Read more…]

Indepth Guide to Using Google Shopping Now Available

Sorry – you’re too late.

Yesterday Google blogged about the changes to Google Shopping – no new news, just a confirmation of what we already know.

If you want to understand the situation InDepth:

  • what’s happening
  • the opportunities it provides for your business
  • how to get started

You need my brand new InDepth Guide to using Google Shopping.

Only published this afternoon – and it contains all the advice and links you’ll need.

Get it now. (PDF download from Dropbox)

This guide is a taster of the content the members of the eCommerceMasterPlan inner circle will be getting access to.

The inner circle launched on the 1st March, so this guide is now only available to members of the inner circle! If you want it –  join the inner circle – full details here.

Please let me know how you get on!


21 Essential eCommerce SEO Tips [Infographic]

ecommerce infographicI love everything about this infographic – the simplistic design, and most of all the content!

It’s 21 great tips (some of the very simple and easy to do, none of them expensive) for improving your SEO peformance. Almost every single one is about things you can do on your website and are therefore entirely under your control. PLUS they are entirely focused on the needs of the eCommerce business – not just those of a website.

Read and implement! [Read more…]