3 Things you Should Know about Dynamic Remarketing

There’s lots and lots of talk about Remarketing / Retargeting – but not so much about Dynamic Remarketing.

Dynamic Remarketing is the more-powerful-for-eCommerce big brother to remarketing. It should feature in your marketing plan for 2014, because it provides almost guaranteed profitability…

That’s because it automatically puts ads in front of your past visitors that feature the products they actually looked at!

So what are the 3 key things you need to know?

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My top 3 tips for getting the traffic that buys this Christmas

As my new book eCommerce Marketing: How get Traffic that Buys to Your Website is published tomorrow, I thought I’d best write a blog post giving you my 3 top tips for getting the traffic that buys to your website this Christmas.

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PPC Split Test Lab [Infographic]

This whole infographic is just about all the adtext split tests you can run in your PPC Campaign – how cool!

So next time you’re stuck for things to be testing, or ways to improve your PPC account – just look at this infographic.

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Abandoned Basket Emails [eCommerce Infographic]

ecommerce_infographic_of_the_weekI first found this infrographic in December last year, and I have to say it might well be the most useful one I found in the whole of 2012!

It’s called “The Perfect Basket Abandonment Email”, and outlines exactly how to go about making your abandoned basket emails work as well as possible for you.

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When Remarketing Goes Wrong

aka When Remarketing doesn’t keep up with your Promotions…

This weekend Cargo, the homewares retailer, have a big promotion on. In honour of the bank holiday weekend they’ve taken 10% off almost all products – even those in the Sale. A great way to drive some sales on a weekend when people are thinking about DIY and their home, and the artwork on the website is really powerful – looks great.

But their remarketing activity isn’t up to speed. They’ve got a very detailed remarketing set up – so you don’t just get an ad for Cargo, you get an ad for the product you looked at: [Read more…]