5 Ways You Can Be Wasting £1,000s on Adwords Without Even Realising [video]

If you missed yesterday’s Free eCommerce Seminar – now’s your chance to watch the video!

Everyone in eCommerce talks about Adwords, most eCommerce businesses are using Adwords. Most eCommerce businesses are wasting money in Adwords without even knowing it.

Adwords Keyword campaigns are complex things – there are 100s of settings, at least 10 different reports to look at for total optimisation. So if you’re not keeping up to speed with all of that you will be losing money without even knowing it.

In this video Chloë Thomas runs through the 5 ways she most frequently sees eCommerce businesses losing money in their Adwords Keyword Campaigns. We’re not talking about losing a few pounds a month, we’re talking about wasting £100s and sometimes £1,000s each month.

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January Sale Week 4 – Half Price Google Adwords Course

As I’ve been telling all the eCommerce businesses I can that they should be running offers in January if they want to get any attention at all – I thought I’d better heed my own advice!

So here’s the forth and final weekly offer of the 2014 eCommerce MasterPlan January Half Price Sale!

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2014 Marketing Trends Infographic #1

This is nice little infographic, but it is USA focused, and non eCommerce specific. But still useful to get a grasp on likely trends for the next year.

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My top 3 tips for getting the traffic that buys this Christmas

As my new book eCommerce Marketing: How get Traffic that Buys to Your Website is published tomorrow, I thought I’d best write a blog post giving you my 3 top tips for getting the traffic that buys to your website this Christmas.

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Google Shopping (PLAs) Feed Updates – MUST DO

On their never ending walk to perfect data Google are about to start enforcing more of the Shopping feed Unique Product Identifier requirements.

Here’s our quick guide, with links:

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My Top 3 Adwords Filters [Guest Post]

This the second in our series of Adwords blogs written by Guest Blogger Matt Gilbert from indium online. In this one Matt’s going to introduce you to a handful of Adwords Filters you can use to make optimising your account quicker and easier.

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Enhanced Campaigns Pitfalls – 2 Bid Adjustment Settings to Look Out For [Guest Post]

Now that the deadline for upgrading your Google Adwords account to Enhanced Campaigns has passed, Matt Gilbert from indium online has written us this great post about 2 of the important bid adjustment settings to look out for.

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Catching Up With Mobile Advertising [Infographic]

With these new fangled Enhanced Campaigns it’s much easier to target your ads at mobile users.

Buy should you? Well, this infographic has all the answers.. well, all the stats you need to decide anyway.

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PPC Split Test Lab [Infographic]

This whole infographic is just about all the adtext split tests you can run in your PPC Campaign – how cool!

So next time you’re stuck for things to be testing, or ways to improve your PPC account – just look at this infographic.

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A Master Guide to PLAs [Infographic]

If your in eCommerce, you need to know about PLAs.

PLAs are product listing ads – the new ad and targeting option in Google Adwords. They work pretty differently to normal text targeted ads – and the key to success is a well-built feed, with the right data in it, so you can segment your products well.

Wanna know more? Checkout this infographic…


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