Funny video demonstrating the danger of not having a real USP

I spent yesterday speaking to eCommerce businesses about how important it is to understand what your business is, including it’s USP.

Usually we talk about the benefits a USP can bring – making your business stand out and helping your customers to understand you and remember you.

This video does a fantastic job of demonstrating the danger of not having a brand a USP or a personality… you end up looking like everyone else.

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Making the Most of the Storms #Openforbusiness

Whilst lots of us in the UK are really suffering from the weather, floods and storms, it can cause non-reality related weather issues!

For example a lot of business down here near eCMP HQ in Cornwall are suffering not because of the storms but because of the BBC’s blanket coverage that we’re “cut off”. Which isn’t true.

So the tourist board have pulled together this video, and grabbed the hashtag #openforbusiness to show the world that we’re ready for Half Term and the Summer.

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Top eComerce MasterPlan Videos of 2013

Back in December we published our top blogs of 2013, now it’s the turn of the videos…

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2014 Marketing Trends Infographic #1

This is nice little infographic, but it is USA focused, and non eCommerce specific. But still useful to get a grasp on likely trends for the next year.

Key stats for me: [Read more...]

How eCommerce site can use Infographics

A change of pace for this week’s eCommerce infographic.

Rather than an infographic that tells you lots of useful information for eCommerce businesses – we’re looking at an example of how an eCommerce business can use an infographic to build it’s Knowledge and Information USP.

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Hummingbird = forget keywords, think great content pages

For those of you don’t spend your days reading marketing news blogs, let me start by explaining what Hummingbird is.

In late September Google announced it had launched a COMPLETELY NEW search algorithm, called Hummingbird because it’s precise and fast. Key facts you need to know:

  1. This is the algorithm that determines what appears on the search engines results pages (SERPs) when someone enters a search on Google
  2. Google have 100% replaced the old algorithm (the one that had all the penguin, and farmer updates) with a brand spanking new algorithm
  3. Hummingbird was live throughout September, and basically no one realised until Google told us. So there’s no immediate big impact to watch out for [Read more...]

eCommerce Website Review – [Video]

For the second month running we’re reviewing a different sort of eCommerce site. Today we’re going international! Our first review of a non-UK website. is an Irish website focused on energy and waste saving products.

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Unbound – Crowdfunding for Books a different sort of eCommerce

As we saw last month with JustFab an eCommerce site doesn’t have to be like a normal shop with lots of products at different prices. This blog is about Unbound, a different sort of bookshop. [Read more...]

12 Tips to Staying Inspired [Infographic]

Some of you may think I’ve gone a bit soft in the head marking this out for one of my eCommerce Infographic posts.

But in an industry where things are changing as fast as they do in eCommerce it’s important to stay inspired. To stay ready for the next thing, to have those great campaign ideas, and to spot those new site features.

August is a great month for getting inspired – there always seems to be more hours in the day, and some time to the things you want to do at work, not just have to do.

So here’s 12 simple tips to help yourself stay inspired.

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The Reputation Machine [infographic]

This infographic present data that analyses the use of and impact of reviews in the travel industry.

It’s well worth a look to help you work out what areas to focus on – and if you’re still umming and ahhing about adding customer reviews to your site, here are 2 stats from it to try and convince you:

  • 50% of people won’t book a hotel that has zero reviews
  • 81% of reviews are positive

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