How to Build your Brand Online [eCommerce Infographic]

Every eCommerce business should be doing marketing that builds the brand, as well as marketing that drives the sales. Simply because the more well known your brand, the higher your conversion rate will be.

This infographic explains some straightforward ways to start/accelerate building your brand online.

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Funny video demonstrating the danger of not having a real USP

I spent yesterday speaking to eCommerce businesses about how important it is to understand what your business is, including it’s USP.

Usually we talk about the benefits a USP can bring – making your business stand out and helping your customers to understand you and remember you.

This video does a fantastic job of demonstrating the danger of not having a brand a USP or a personality… you end up looking like everyone else.

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Roadmap fora Trusty eCommerce Website [infographic]

Trust is something you need to start building as soon as someone hits your site, if you want to maximise the sales coming into your business.

Covering the things you say, your site layout, and cart layout – this is a very useful little infographic.

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Time to enter some eCommerce awards

Awards are a great way to build the reputation of your eCommerce business – and build trust with your customers (old and new).

So did you have a great 2013? Yes? Then it’s time to shout about it. Here’s a couple of eCommerce awards I’ve come across in the last week for you: [Read more…]

Keeping Your Photoshoot On Brand Effectively and Efficiently

For all business brand consistency is important. Never more so thank in fashion where every product, every photo, every word has to match up.

One of my inner circle members found a very innovative way to make sure their photo shoot went smoothly and easily delivered perfectly on-brand pics. A method that was very easy to pull together and much simpler than the usual multipage / multispreadsheet briefs we’re all used to. Luckily for all of you Karen of KFD Jewellery has kindly allowed me to write this blog post about her method…

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The Reputation Machine [infographic]

This infographic present data that analyses the use of and impact of reviews in the travel industry.

It’s well worth a look to help you work out what areas to focus on – and if you’re still umming and ahhing about adding customer reviews to your site, here are 2 stats from it to try and convince you:

  • 50% of people won’t book a hotel that has zero reviews
  • 81% of reviews are positive

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7 Ways to Provide Exception eCommerce Customer Service [Infographic]

To succeed with eCommerce you have to provide good customer service – from fast delivery, to accurate information on the website, to dealing with it well when things go wrong.

If you want to be really successful though – you need Exceptional Customer Service.

This infographic has some great examples of how to do just that.

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eCommerce infographic – The Power of Brand Advocacy [infographic]

These days customers need to trust you before they’ll buy from you, and one of the ways to build that trust is by building your brand.

A great way to build trust in your brand is to get your existing customers to recommend you, and say nice things about you. That will build you brand and also your customer base.

This infographic has some of key stats to show you just how powerful it can be.

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True Colours: What your Brand Colours say about your business [infographic]

The first infographic of July is one that’s all about brand building and consistency.

First you need to get colours that support your business values into your brand, then you need to consistently use them everywhere!

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Christmas Card Video = Brand Builder, and Content Marketing

There are lots of Christmas videos doing the rounds at the moment (strangely enough!), but I think this one’s a great example of how it can be used in eCommerce to build some depth and personality into the brand so I thought I’d blog about it. (plus I promised Mark the owner of The Present Finder that I would, as he gave me such a lovely review of my book – it’s only fair to reciprocate at this time of year!)

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