Lessons from the Islands for a Better 2015

Last week I was privileged to be be invited to the Isles of Scilly to spend 2 days helping the businesses on the Islands the eCommerce side of their businesses. As well as sharing my knowledge there are several key lessons I’m bringing back to the mainland that we could all find useful in 2015.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Isles of Scilly they are a small group of islands off the South West tip of Cornwall (Great Britain) with a permanent populate under 5,000. It’s a beautiful spot, that attracts a lot of tourists (it is well worth a visit!), but also has a thriving eCommerce sector selling everything from fresh flowers to soaps. [Read more…]

Affiliate Marketing Explained [eCommerce Infographic]

“How does affiliate marketing work?” is a question I get asked with surprising frequency. And this is a great infographic to explain it. [Read more…]

Should you change your Search Strategy for Christmas?

Around this time of year, you may well be thinking whether you should be changing your SEO focus for the Christmas period.

SEO activity can take anything from 4-6 months to several years to properly bed in, so it’s a little late to try refocusing entirely for Christmas 2014. Plus you need to be certain whether it’s even needed for your site or whether you can rely on the SEO structure that you have at the moment. [Read more…]

The Catalogue – next generation technology…

IKEA have done the mail order industry a huge favour.

From now on, everytime we face a crazy person who suggests the catalogue doesn’t have a place in our 21st century world – just show them this great video.

[Read more…]

How to Build your Brand Online [eCommerce Infographic]

Every eCommerce business should be doing marketing that builds the brand, as well as marketing that drives the sales. Simply because the more well known your brand, the higher your conversion rate will be.

This infographic explains some straightforward ways to start/accelerate building your brand online.

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Ascend to New Heights in Content Marketing [eCommerce Infographic]

Content is an area of marketing I find fascinating and this infographic has some very useful information for anyone considering starting with content, OR refreshing their content strategy.

It shows the best types of content for ROI – eCommerce businesses I suggest you focus on customer testimonials, videos, and blog posts that are about your products.

Plus a very useful guide to what metrics people are using to track the performance of their content. Yes, it is targeted at B2B rather than us, but put “Conversion rate” in position 2 – and you’re away!

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Get more engagement on Pinterest [eCommerce Infographic]

6 simple tips to get more repins / likes and interactions with your pins:

  1. include a price for 36% more likes
  2. use light (not dark) images – repinned 20x more
  3. call to actions – increases engagement 80%
  4. write 200-300 characters (get 57% more shares)
  5. tall images – shared 67% more than short ones
  6. no faces – gets you 23% more repins

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How Content Marketing Affects Search Engine Rankings [eCommerce Infographic]

Interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons people follow businesses on Social Media.
Succeeding on Social Media helps your search traffic grow, and to succeed on social media you need good content.
That’s the pretty simple message that this infographic gives you stats to back up. [Read more…]

A Retailer’s Guide to Webrooming [eCommerce Infographic]

You’ve probably heard of ‘showrooming’ – where a customer comes into a store to work out what they’re going to buy online. Well, welcome to ‘webrooming’ – where the opposite happens!
Webrooming is when a customer looks at your website to research what they want before they come in to see you – if you’ve got the tech set up they may even click and collect.
A must look for any Bricks and Clicks businesses… [Read more…]

Just what is Search? [video]

How Google works is something you need to understand if you’re going to succeed in getting traffic from Google to your eCommerce website.

Many people I speak to struggle to understand it, and not unsurprisingly given that it’s a very complex system.

Below is a great video by Matt Cutts (Google’s search supremo!) explaining how it all works. [Read more…]