Funny video demonstrating the danger of not having a real USP

I spent yesterday speaking to eCommerce businesses about how important it is to understand what your business is, including it’s USP.

Usually we talk about the benefits a USP can bring – making your business stand out and helping your customers to understand you and remember you.

This video does a fantastic job of demonstrating the danger of not having a brand a USP or a personality… you end up looking like everyone else.

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Rise of Social Media in eCommerce [infographic]

This infographic shows the link between social sharing and sales increases. It starts with some big stats on the case for using social. Then it goes into some tips on how to use each of the key engines for social.

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Roadmap fora Trusty eCommerce Website [infographic]

Trust is something you need to start building as soon as someone hits your site, if you want to maximise the sales coming into your business.

Covering the things you say, your site layout, and cart layout – this is a very useful little infographic.

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2 Examples of Dynamic Artwork in Emails

Dynamic Artwork is images that move. You can easily incorporate these into your emails – let me tell you how, and also show you 2 great examples.

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Taking Orders and Payments by Social Media – KLM Leads the Way

Not only can we learn a thing or two from the Dutch about dealing with flooding, we can also learn a thing or two from them about making social eCommerce easy, and a great piece of customer service.

Admittedly KLM have 130 social media agents answering about 35,000 queries a week. All working to provide a great service for their customers – not all of us can mimic that! But you don’t need that many people to offer this in your business.

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Time to enter some eCommerce awards

Awards are a great way to build the reputation of your eCommerce business – and build trust with your customers (old and new).

So did you have a great 2013? Yes? Then it’s time to shout about it. Here’s a couple of eCommerce awards I’ve come across in the last week for you: [Read more...]

Double Your Twitter Followers in Just 5 Minutes Per Day [infographic]

You really can’t fake Twitter.

Well, actually you can fake the number of followers you have – but forcing the number up if they’re not interested followers is a total waste of time.

So instead follow the tips in this infographic on how to grow your twitter in just 5 min a day. [Read more...]

Making the Most of the Storms #Openforbusiness

Whilst lots of us in the UK are really suffering from the weather, floods and storms, it can cause non-reality related weather issues!

For example a lot of business down here near eCMP HQ in Cornwall are suffering not because of the storms but because of the BBC’s blanket coverage that we’re “cut off”. Which isn’t true.

So the tourist board have pulled together this video, and grabbed the hashtag #openforbusiness to show the world that we’re ready for Half Term and the Summer.

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How to set up your Google Site Map

A Google Site Map is one of those marketing tactics that you set up and forget about. Usually until you build a new website, forget to rebuild it, and suddenly find all your search traffic has dropped away.

It’s a little silent miracle worker. And every website should have one.

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3 Things you Should Know about Dynamic Remarketing

There’s lots and lots of talk about Remarketing / Retargeting – but not so much about Dynamic Remarketing.

Dynamic Remarketing is the more-powerful-for-eCommerce big brother to remarketing. It should feature in your marketing plan for 2014, because it provides almost guaranteed profitability…

That’s because it automatically puts ads in front of your past visitors that feature the products they actually looked at!

So what are the 3 key things you need to know?

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