14 Ways to Increase your Conversion on the Product page [eCommerce Infographic]

The humble product page has soooooo much impact on your sales, and I love the 14 points that are outlined in this infographic. [Read more...]

Inventory Holding Cost Barometer [eCommerce Infographic]

A great infographic about the under-talked-about area of inventory management.

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Up, up, and away! [eCommerce Infographic]

Pricing is a hugely important decision. Get it right and the product will fly off the shelves, get it wrong and you risk alienating customers.

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10 Surprising Social Media Facts [eCommerce Infographic]

This is an infographic that will leave your head spinning – and your social media plans getting re-written!
Providing a mix of great advice AND destroying a few myths…
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What is critical eCommerce functionality? [eCommerce Infographic]

Which chunks of eCommerce functionality are rated critical by the most eCommerce businesses?

The top 3 are all about getting your products in front of your customers. A site search that works, a good back end (content management system) so it’s easy to manage the website), and good product management / merchandising. Yet most businesses are not happy with their existing solutions.

Take a look at the chart – how do you compare? Would you agree with which is deemed most important? And how well is your current functionality serving you?

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Alibaba vs Amazon [eCommerce Infographic]

Not an infographic about which you should use right now to sell on, rather a strategic look at the 2 companies.

Most interesting stat – Alibaba actually makes money (look at the margins comparison!).

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How to Build your Brand Online [eCommerce Infographic]

Every eCommerce business should be doing marketing that builds the brand, as well as marketing that drives the sales. Simply because the more well known your brand, the higher your conversion rate will be.

This infographic explains some straightforward ways to start/accelerate building your brand online.

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Ascend to New Heights in Content Marketing [eCommerce Infographic]

Content is an area of marketing I find fascinating and this infographic has some very useful information for anyone considering starting with content, OR refreshing their content strategy.

It shows the best types of content for ROI – eCommerce businesses I suggest you focus on customer testimonials, videos, and blog posts that are about your products.

Plus a very useful guide to what metrics people are using to track the performance of their content. Yes, it is targeted at B2B rather than us, but put “Conversion rate” in position 2 – and you’re away!

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Are you losing money by not embracing mobile eCommerce? [eCommerce Infographic]

Getting your website mobile is no where near as difficult as it was a few years (or even months) ago. [Read more...]

Get more engagement on Pinterest [eCommerce Infographic]

6 simple tips to get more repins / likes and interactions with your pins:

  1. include a price for 36% more likes
  2. use light (not dark) images – repinned 20x more
  3. call to actions – increases engagement 80%
  4. write 200-300 characters (get 57% more shares)
  5. tall images – shared 67% more than short ones
  6. no faces – gets you 23% more repins

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