A Retailer’s Guide to Webrooming [eCommerce Infographic]

You’ve probably heard of ‘showrooming’ – where a customer comes into a store to work out what they’re going to buy online. Well, welcome to ‘webrooming’ – where the opposite happens!
Webrooming is when a customer looks at your website to research what they want before they come in to see you – if you’ve got the tech set up they may even click and collect.
A must look for any Bricks and Clicks businesses… [Read more...]

What is Your eCommerce Business Worth? [eCommerce Infographic]

Every business should be built to be sold. No matter how much you love it, no matter how long you intend to be running it, every business should be built with the end game of selling up. That’s because the principles of building it to sell will build you a great business.

If you’ve never considered that, or how much your business might be worth – take a look at this infographic that analyses eCommerce business sales between 2010 and 2013 to bring you an idea of what yours might be worth. [Read more...]

Fuel your eCommerce Engine with Social Content [eCommerce infographic]

Cracking infographic from OfferPop, outlining the power of social content, and HOW to get it.

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6 Ways to Not Look Like A Spammer [infographic]

This week’s infographic comes from Adestra – who are the kings of deliverability (aka not being a spammer) in the UK.

There’s 6 easy to follow tips in this infographic that will help your emails get into the all important inbox.

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Is great customer service important to you? Then be FAST! [eCommerce infographics]

This week not one, but 2 infographics for you!

The next / current customer service battle ground is speed of response, by all channels. These 2 infographics outline the customer expectation AND just how much you can gain if you meet the customers needs.

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India Fashion eCommerce Shopping Trends – Infographic

If you’re a retailer of clothing or other fashion items – this is a great infographic to help you see if India is a potential market for you.

  • 50% of the population by fashion online at least once per month
  • Clothes are the most popular puchase (52% of people), with shoes in a strong second place (35%)
  • Embracing eCommerce shopping for the ‘right’ reasons – convenience and better selection

It also identifies Indian eCommerce sites that the consumers like – so if you’re thinking about selling in India, take a look at these for some pointers of what the Indian consumer is looking for.

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Google Ranking Factors – eCommerce Infographic

Following on from last week’s eCommerce Infographic that was all about the YouTube ranking factors – here’s another infographic from the same designer (Martin Missfeldt) all about Google Ranking Factors.

  • Onpage factors you should be able to set up and forget about
  • Author / Brand means constantly putting up good quality content and building your reputation
  • Then the backlinks and the social are all about making people aware of what you’re doing

Take a look – what easy fix can you put in place today to improve your Google traffic?

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YouTube Ranking Factors – eCommerce Infographic

Video is now one of the core content types an eCommerce business needs to get to grips with.
Creating a good video (series of videos!) is only step one. You also need to get views of those videos, and the number one tool to do that is YouTube.

This infographic takes you through the key factors that give a video a good ranking on YouTube – ie get people to find it.

Like any search engine algorythm there are lots of factors, so concentrate on the simpler/easier ones first:

  • Keywords, in the title, video filename, and description
  • Channel keywords and description
  • Channel strength – encourage people to watch your videos, post regularly, sort out your YouTube homepage

So take a look through the tips on this infographic and work out which you can do quickly.
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Rise of Social Media in eCommerce [infographic]

This infographic shows the link between social sharing and sales increases. It starts with some big stats on the case for using social. Then it goes into some tips on how to use each of the key engines for social.

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Welcome to Retail in Australia: Embracing the Digital Future [infographic]

This infographic tries to explain the challenges faced by local eCommerce businesses in Australia – essentially that they’re not that devloped, and that consumers are VERY used to shopping overseas, not spending their cash with Australian businesses.

An opportunity for other countries wanting to export, a threat to Australia’s retail industry…

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