Which eCommerce Business Structure are you?

The eCommerce Business Structure concept was introduced in the book eCommerce MasterPlan, and we’ve just finished a series of videos to explain each of the seven eCommerce Business Structures. The videos include what the structure is, examples of companies who use it, and what a business with that eCommerce Business Structure needs to focus on to succeed.

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eCommerce Marketing – 1 Year Since Publication!

I can’t quite believe it, but this Saturday (13th September 2014) it will be a whole year since we published eCommerce Marketing: How to Drive Traffic that Buys to your Website.

eCommerce Marketing Contents

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eCommerce Delivery No. 1 eCommerce Book On Amazon

eCommerce Delivery Book on AmazonA HUGE thank you to everyone who helped with the launch of eCommerce Delivery: How your Delivery Strategy can Increase your Sales.

It reached top position on Amazon Kindle for both eCommerce books, AND web Marketing books.

Totally did not expect that to happen!

eCommerce Delivery is my latest book and explains why your delivery strategy is an essential piece of building your eCommerce sales. Plus, we’ve got examples of how you can use delivery to increase conversions and get that second order…

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eCommerce Delivery – Wordcloud

Regular readers will know we like a good Wordcloud here at eCommerce MasterPlan.

So, in case you were wondering just what our new book eCommerce Delivery covers (and the mindmap just didn’t give you enough information!) here’s the wordcloud…

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eCommerce Delivery: How your Delivery Strategy can Increase your Sales Mindmap

If you can get the delivery right in your eCommerce business you’ll increase your conversion rate AND get more repeat purchases.

Time and again consumers state that their number one reason for not buying goods online is the delivery charges, or options. That makes your Delivery strategy one of the biggest leavers you can pull to increase your business’s performance.

Which is exactly why I’ve written my latest book – eCommerce Delivery.

You can get the eBook direct from Amazon right now (at the moment it’s only available on Kindle). And below is our handy mindmap of just what is included. [Read more…]

eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8 – Chapters Mindmap

Those of you who spotted our eCommerce Marketing chapters mindmap earlier this month may have been wondering if it also existed for eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8…

Of course it does – so here is the freshly updated eCommerce MasterPlan Chapters Mindmap:

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eCommerce Marketing – Chapters Mindmap

I’ve been playing around with my mindmapping tool and I if you’ve been wondering just what is in eCommerce Marketing: How to get Traffic that Buys to your website – then take a look:


Create your own mind maps at MindMeister

“worth its weight in internet gold”

I’m feeling very excited this week – as my book eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8 has been selected to be one of the books reviewed in this month’s Elite Business magazine! And they’ve been very nice about it!

Get your copy here

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Just what is in eCommerce Marketing? [new book]

A lot of people mentioned how much they liked the wordmap we created of eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8, so I thought we should do the same for eCommerce Marketing.

So if you want to know what’s in it – well, it’s all in the word map!

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eCMP Facebook Photo Comp!!

Over the summer lots of people have been commenting how portable the new books are and how they’re taking them off on holiday with them! (well they are designed to fit in your handbag/manbag).

I’ve also recently built the eCommerce MasterPlan Facebook Page. So I got to thinking about the advice I give all the inner circle members about Facebook….

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