“worth its weight in internet gold”

I’m feeling very excited this week – as my book eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8 has been selected to be one of the books reviewed in this month’s Elite Business magazine! And they’ve been very nice about it!

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Just what is in eCommerce Marketing? [new book]

A lot of people mentioned how much they liked the wordmap we created of eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8, so I thought we should do the same for eCommerce Marketing.

So if you want to know what’s in it – well, it’s all in the word map!

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eCMP Facebook Photo Comp!!

Over the summer lots of people have been commenting how portable the new books are and how they’re taking them off on holiday with them! (well they are designed to fit in your handbag/manbag).

I’ve also recently built the eCommerce MasterPlan Facebook Page. So I got to thinking about the advice I give all the inner circle members about Facebook….

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eCommerce Marketing – the final cover! [new book]

Finalising the cover for my next book eCommerce Marketing seems to have taken an AGE! But finally we’re there.

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What do you think of when you think of Padstow?

The mention of Padstow conjures up a lot of different thoughts, especially this time of year! It might make you think of Rick Stein and great seafood, you might be thinking of Rock and Nathan Outlaw, or cycling and the end of Camel Trail.

Today, for me it means eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8!

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The Power of Niche in eCommerce [Video]

Last week I spoke at the Catex SW Conference in Truro, Cornwall. My topic was “The Power of Niche” – not just one little marketing tactic, a strategic idea that can shape your whole business and build you a great business. It’s an idea that I’ve written about in my books, and also talk about at most full-day workshops I do.

It’s such a powerful topic that I thought I should share it a bit wider! So, I recorded the audio last week, and I’ve combined that with the slides to bring you this video.

If you’d like to find out more about how the power of niche could help your business then get one of my books, or get in contact!

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eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8 – sneak preview of the cover!

As you know at the moment I’m working on my second book – eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8 – it’s a re-write of the first half of the Original eCommerce MasterPlan. I’ve decided to re-write it to improve lots of little things and ultimately make it an easy book for you, the reader, to use.

Last month I shared a content mindmap (you can see that here), and today I’m giving you an exclusive sneak preview of the cover of the new book! [Read more...]

eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8 – what’s in the next book!

Well, at the start of this month my next book was sent off to the proof reader. A big day! And right now whilst they work on eliminating my typos, I’m working on the internal diagrams (that will be much clearer that in book 1), and just generally getting rather excited about it all. [Read more...]

eCommerce MasterPlan In A Day – Coming to Croydon!

Feeling very excited today about taking eCommerce MasterPlan In A Day on the road! (I know it’s not as exciting as the Stones playing Hyde Park, but it’s still very cool).

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Kick Start Your New Year Sales – Use the Top Marketing Methods for 2013 [Webinar]

The New Year might only just be getting started, but right now is when you need to be thinking about your marketing plans for 2013 – and this free webinar will help you with putting those plans in place.

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I’m going to give you a quick reminder of what the eCommerce MasterPlan is, then my take on what the critical marketing activity in 2013 for eCommerce Businesses is going to be.

As always there’ll be plenty of quick tips and advice.

Plus, bring along your questions on the book, or anything eCommerce and I’ll answer those for you on the webinar.

So register now to make sure you’re on the call to get this head start on your marketing for 2013!

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