Setting up your Google Analytics Site Search Tracking

It always surprises me how few businesses are using Google Analytics Site Search Tracking. Once set up it allows you to analyse what people are typing into the search bar on your website, and the impact that has on their trip through your website.

The crazy thing about the lack of use of this is that it is probably the easiest ‘extras’ in Google Analytics to get working.

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Missing Keyword Data – what to do!?! [not provided]

google analytics not provided onlyAs of now Google have take (not provided) in the keyword reports on Google Analytics to the ultimate level. What that means is that from now onwards you will get no data on what keywords people used to get to your website on the Google search engine, via the Google Analytics Keywords report.

This is for “privacy” reasons as all searches now take place on encrypted servers. I could go into lots of detail about that – but it’s not going to change the situation, so let’s concentrate on what you can do.

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Calculating Lifetime Value: Starbucks Case Study [infographic]

In eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8 I briefly cover Customer Lifetime Value (Chapter 9 / Page 149 for those who want to know!), and it is one of those pieces of analysis that every eCommerce business should be looking at.

Yes, you’re not going to have all the numbers at your finger tips right this second, and it’s a number that will change over time – but if you can work out then it really changes your perspectives!

This infographic is a really nice worked through explanation of how to do the analysis on Starbucks – making it easily relate-able to your business.

Let me know how you get on!


Google Analytics Periodic Table [infographic]

This is a great use of the infographic format to make a simple A-Z of terms more interesting and approachable.

Don’t expect to pick up many tips from this one – but it’s a great reference for when you get confused by a term!!

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Bounce Rates Explained [infographic]

Bounce Rates.

An eCommerce stat that can provoke endless debate – how much should you care about them? What’s the right way to analyse them? Is it good or bad? But which if you can get a handle on it can be used to increase site engagement, leading to better conversion rates (even if it’s just a tidying up the numbers game rather than a full on sales increase!).

The first step to any of this is to understand what they actually are, and this infographic has the best explanation I’ve come across yet.

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How do you Attribute yours?

One of the most complex areas of eCommerce is Attribution. Put simply attribution is the method of deciding which marketing channel was responsible for driving a sale – was it your email marketing? Your catalogue? or your tweets?

It’s a complex area both because there’s not yet an obvious solution, and also because the debate itself is pretty hard to follow. So I was thrilled (no, seriously I was!) to find this fantastic explanation of the debate in Infographic form by QuBit.

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