Are you losing money by not embracing mobile eCommerce? [eCommerce Infographic]

Getting your website mobile is no where near as difficult as it was a few years (or even months) ago. [Read more...]

Get more engagement on Pinterest [eCommerce Infographic]

6 simple tips to get more repins / likes and interactions with your pins:

  1. include a price for 36% more likes
  2. use light (not dark) images – repinned 20x more
  3. call to actions – increases engagement 80%
  4. write 200-300 characters (get 57% more shares)
  5. tall images – shared 67% more than short ones
  6. no faces – gets you 23% more repins

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Festie Guru – How creating a mini-site can give anyone the benefits of a Niche Product Range

festie guruWhen Ticketmaster wanted to increase their sales of festival tickets the solution was to create a totally new website – FestieGuru.

A website selling only festival tickets, and with lots of content and search tools to help each customer find the right festival for them.

The approach has enabled the team to hugely increase sales of tickets (sorry but I can’t share those numbers with you!), by harnessing all the benefits of a Niche Product Range whilst still having the huge product range of Ticketmaster.

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How Content Marketing Affects Search Engine Rankings [eCommerce Infographic]

Interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons people follow businesses on Social Media.
Succeeding on Social Media helps your search traffic grow, and to succeed on social media you need good content.
That’s the pretty simple message that this infographic gives you stats to back up. [Read more...]

eCommerce Delivery – Wordcloud

Regular readers will know we like a good Wordcloud here at eCommerce MasterPlan.

So, in case you were wondering just what our new book eCommerce Delivery covers (and the mindmap just didn’t give you enough information!) here’s the wordcloud…

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Canada and eCommerce in 2014 [eCommerce Infographic]

It’s time for another Canadian eCommerce Infographic!
Canada’s eCommerce industry is set for real growth over the next few years. With only 56% of the online population making purchases so far, it’s predicted that sales will grow $10billion in the next 2 years.
If you have products that the Canadians would like – time to consider some exporting?
(check out the last Canada blog post here)

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eCommerce Delivery: How your Delivery Strategy can Increase your Sales Mindmap

If you can get the delivery right in your eCommerce business you’ll increase your conversion rate AND get more repeat purchases.

Time and again consumers state that their number one reason for not buying goods online is the delivery charges, or options. That makes your Delivery strategy one of the biggest leavers you can pull to increase your business’s performance.

Which is exactly why I’ve written my latest book – eCommerce Delivery.

You can get the eBook direct from Amazon right now (at the moment it’s only available on Kindle). And below is our handy mindmap of just what is included. [Read more...]

eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8 – Chapters Mindmap

Those of you who spotted our eCommerce Marketing chapters mindmap earlier this month may have been wondering if it also existed for eCommerce MasterPlan 1.8…

Of course it does – so here is the freshly updated eCommerce MasterPlan Chapters Mindmap:

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A Retailer’s Guide to Webrooming [eCommerce Infographic]

You’ve probably heard of ‘showrooming’ – where a customer comes into a store to work out what they’re going to buy online. Well, welcome to ‘webrooming’ – where the opposite happens!
Webrooming is when a customer looks at your website to research what they want before they come in to see you – if you’ve got the tech set up they may even click and collect.
A must look for any Bricks and Clicks businesses… [Read more...]

Just what is Search? [video]

How Google works is something you need to understand if you’re going to succeed in getting traffic from Google to your eCommerce website.

Many people I speak to struggle to understand it, and not unsurprisingly given that it’s a very complex system.

Below is a great video by Matt Cutts (Google’s search supremo!) explaining how it all works. [Read more...]