Global eCommerce Trends to 2017 Predictions [eCommerce Infographic]

As we’re now in the swing of bringing you our trend predictions for eCommerce in 2015, we thought it was worth adding this infographic into the mix.


The data is quite USA focused, but there are some very interesting predictions about eCommerce growth rates through to 2017 in the different regions of the world.
Even Western Europe is predicted to grow by over 40%, but the stand out growth area is Asia Pacific at 174% growth. Is International in your strategy yet?

The Definitive eCommerce Report1500

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Delivering International eCommerce [eCommerce Infographic]

This infographic summarises the key findings of a survey of 112 UK websites looking at how they work to increase overseas orders. Including a look at how things have changed in the last 2 years.

It includes information about currency, language, delivery options, and customer service.

Delivering International eCommerce1500

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Conversion Rate Optimisation [eCommerce Infographic]

Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about increasing the number of sales you get on your website, without increasing the traffic to it. It’s based on using analytics data and user feedback to understand where the problems lie and fix them.

This infographic explains:

– what CRO is

– the Design methods to increase Conversion Rate

– the Credibility or Trust methods to increase Conversion Rate

– some expert opinions [Read more…]

Which eCommerce Business Structure are you?

The eCommerce Business Structure concept was introduced in the book eCommerce MasterPlan, and we’ve just finished a series of videos to explain each of the seven eCommerce Business Structures. The videos include what the structure is, examples of companies who use it, and what a business with that eCommerce Business Structure needs to focus on to succeed.

You can watch all 7 videos right here: [Read more…]

5 Tips to Convince Customers to Buy from your Website

Time and time again surveys show that a top reason people don’t buy online is a fear of the security of their details.

There are a number of simple things you can do to improve how secure visitors to site think it is, the more they trust you and your website the more likely they are to buy:

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Affiliate Marketing Explained [eCommerce Infographic]

“How does affiliate marketing work?” is a question I get asked with surprising frequency. And this is a great infographic to explain it. [Read more…]

14 Ways to Increase your Conversion on the Product page [eCommerce Infographic]

The humble product page has soooooo much impact on your sales, and I love the 14 points that are outlined in this infographic. [Read more…]

Inventory Holding Cost Barometer [eCommerce Infographic]

A great infographic about the under-talked-about area of inventory management.

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eCommerce Website Choice Discussion [Audio]

Earlier this week I was involved in a fascinating debate about eCommerce platforms. Which website to use to sell your products, where eBay and Amazon fit in the mix, and how to work out which the right solution for your business is.

At the last moment it was decided that, due to the great people in the room it would be worth recording the debate. [Read more…]

Taking Product Personalisation to a New Level

As always, and even more so in the current climate, consumers want as much as possible for each pound. It seems many retailers worldwide are stepping up to the mark and offering more bang for not much more buck. Personalised products have long been great gifts but often at an increased higher price. Now, however, it seems personalised products are becoming more popular as retailers start offering them at mainstream prices and they are becoming as much self purchase products, as gifts.

With Christmas trading just around the corner, building personalisation opportunities into your products is also a great differentiator. Adding another string to your bow in this way will encourage both previous customers and potential customers to see you in a new light.

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