Funny video demonstrating the danger of not having a real USP

I spent yesterday speaking to eCommerce businesses about how important it is to understand what your business is, including it’s USP.

Usually we talk about the benefits a USP can bring – making your business stand out and helping your customers to understand you and remember you.

This video does a fantastic job of demonstrating the danger of not having a brand a USP or a personality… you end up looking like everyone else.

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Rise of Social Media in eCommerce [infographic]

This infographic shows the link between social sharing and sales increases. It starts with some big stats on the case for using social. Then it goes into some tips on how to use each of the key engines for social.

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Welcome to Retail in Australia: Embracing the Digital Future [infographic]

This infographic tries to explain the challenges faced by local eCommerce businesses in Australia – essentially that they’re not that devloped, and that consumers are VERY used to shopping overseas, not spending their cash with Australian businesses.

An opportunity for other countries wanting to export, a threat to Australia’s retail industry…

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Consumer Psychology and the eCommerce Checkout [infogrpahic]

Building on last week’s infographic all about building trust, here’s how to take the next step. This infographic explains what the customer’s thinking and how they’re reacting as they checkout.

Including how site speed impacts them, how design impacts and more.

eg offering multiple product views and other alternative images lead to 58% more sales.

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Roadmap fora Trusty eCommerce Website [infographic]

Trust is something you need to start building as soon as someone hits your site, if you want to maximise the sales coming into your business.

Covering the things you say, your site layout, and cart layout – this is a very useful little infographic.

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eCommerce Website Review – Wholesaler

This is a different type of site review to our normal fare.

Rather than looking at an eCommerce site with lots of products, we’re looking at the eCommerce site of a wholesaler/ manufacturer who sells ONE product.

Despite that there are some great tips in here for any eCommerce business:

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Australian eCommerce Statistics [infographic]

Australia has one of the fastest growing eCommerce sectors in the world – which is maturing fast.

Although broadly similar to eCommerce in other countries Australian eCommerce has some big differences – take a look at the infographic for more details:

  • Over half of all transations happen on PayPal
  • 20% of consumers mainly buy from non-Australian websites

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2 Examples of Dynamic Artwork in Emails

Dynamic Artwork is images that move. You can easily incorporate these into your emails – let me tell you how, and also show you 2 great examples.

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eCommerce Website Review –

February’s eCommerce Website Review is here – and this time it’s

Focusing on how to show your customer service credentials to increase conversions.

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Boost Conversion by Smart Add-to-Cart button in 2014 [infographic]

If you’ve watched any of my eCommerce Website Reviews you’ll know I’m a bit fan of making your buttons do the hard work for you.

That’s just want this infographic is all about – which button colour to use, what text to use, what shape button to use!

A must refer to infographic if you’re looking to improve your conversion rate. Of course this is just a starting point for you own tests- don’t just roll out and assume it will work for you – test test test.

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