10 Surprising Social Media Facts [eCommerce Infographic]

This is an infographic that will leave your head spinning – and your social media plans getting re-written!
Providing a mix of great advice AND destroying a few myths…
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3 Benefits of the Niche Product Range Scale

With ecommerce being dominated by the big websites such as Amazon, play.com and ASOS, it’s suprising to see the huge uprise in the amount of smaller niche websites. These niche websites delve deeper into specific product types and ranges than the larger retail websites.

Find out more about Niche in our Power of Niche video

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What is critical eCommerce functionality? [eCommerce Infographic]

Which chunks of eCommerce functionality are rated critical by the most eCommerce businesses?

The top 3 are all about getting your products in front of your customers. A site search that works, a good back end (content management system) so it’s easy to manage the website), and good product management / merchandising. Yet most businesses are not happy with their existing solutions.

Take a look at the chart – how do you compare? Would you agree with which is deemed most important? And how well is your current functionality serving you?

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Etsy – a different kind of eCommerce

etsyIf you’ve not yet heard of Etsy you will. It’s quite a different approach to selling online that tackles a niche marketplace, and embraces all that the niche stands for – including the social / community side.

What is Etsy?

www.etsy.com is an online marketplace that facilitates the selling of craft and vintage goods by those who make / find them. (in eCommerce Business Structure terms it’s Niche PiggyBack)

There’s quite a community on the site with over 7m users worldwide. And in 2010 sales revenue was $314m.

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Alibaba vs Amazon [eCommerce Infographic]

Not an infographic about which you should use right now to sell on, rather a strategic look at the 2 companies.

Most interesting stat – Alibaba actually makes money (look at the margins comparison!).

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The Catalogue – next generation technology…

IKEA have done the mail order industry a huge favour.

From now on, everytime we face a crazy person who suggests the catalogue doesn’t have a place in our 21st century world – just show them this great video.

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eCommerce Marketing – 1 Year Since Publication!

I can’t quite believe it, but this Saturday (13th September 2014) it will be a whole year since we published eCommerce Marketing: How to Drive Traffic that Buys to your Website.

eCommerce Marketing Contents

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How to Build your Brand Online [eCommerce Infographic]

Every eCommerce business should be doing marketing that builds the brand, as well as marketing that drives the sales. Simply because the more well known your brand, the higher your conversion rate will be.

This infographic explains some straightforward ways to start/accelerate building your brand online.

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The Online Only eCommerce Business Structure Explained [Video]

To build your eCommerce MasterPlan you need to understand which eCommerce Business Structure you have (or want), and stick to it.

In this short video Chloë explains the Online Only eCommerce Business Structure, what it is how and how you can make the most of it in your business.

Videos for the other eCommerce Business Structures will follow in the next few weeks.

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eCommerce Delivery No. 1 eCommerce Book On Amazon

eCommerce Delivery Book on AmazonA HUGE thank you to everyone who helped with the launch of eCommerce Delivery: How your Delivery Strategy can Increase your Sales.

It reached top position on Amazon Kindle for both eCommerce books, AND web Marketing books.

Totally did not expect that to happen!

eCommerce Delivery is my latest book and explains why your delivery strategy is an essential piece of building your eCommerce sales. Plus, we’ve got examples of how you can use delivery to increase conversions and get that second order…

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