How Do Colours Affect Purchases? [Infographic]

ecommerce infographicThis was one of the very first infographics I pinned, over 6 months ago. It’s content certainly hasn’t gone out of date though.

This infographic is all about colours and images impact purchasing decisions. Plus a few useful stats about the impact of navigation, visuals, and power words too.

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Google Shopping Paid Ads [Infographic]

ecommerce infographicSo, we know Google Shopping in the UK is moving over to the Paid-Only option – but what does that mean?

Well, this infographic quickly summarises the results found by US retailers last autumn. If you can get over the fact it’s not going to be free traffic anymore, then there are some great opportunities to be had…

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Creating Great Content for Boring Things

Having great content on your website is one of the best ways to grow your eCommerce business. Last week I blogged about some great tools to use to find Content ideas, here’s a follow up on some great examples of content for the less interesting product.

What do I mean by Great Content?

Great content is…

  • About your products
  • Something people want to share – so interesting, funny, informative, linked to the latest news stories

And, it probably covers some keywords that bring you good quality traffic too. But, don’t bin a great content idea just because it doesn’t have keywords in it – if it’s about your products and something people want to share – do it!

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5 Tools you can use to find Content Marketing Ideas

I’ve spent a lot of this month talking about Content Marketing – and every time I hear people struggling to think of content ideas for their products or services.

So here are my top 4 tools for sparking some content ideas.

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Google Shopping – the rollout’s coming to you!

What is Google Shopping?

aka Google Base

aka Google Product Feed

Google Shopping is the engine that powers the product results on the Google search engine. That’s the results that have a product image, price, name, and shop you can buy it from.

The content of Google Shopping is provided by each eCommerce business to Google via a feed (a web-based spreadsheet of the eCommerce site’s product inventory). Google then compile all the information and use it help people find the products they’re looking for. Right now this is a free service.

Why is Google Shopping Important?

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Abandoned Basket Emails [eCommerce Infographic]

ecommerce_infographic_of_the_weekI first found this infrographic in December last year, and I have to say it might well be the most useful one I found in the whole of 2012!

It’s called “The Perfect Basket Abandonment Email”, and outlines exactly how to go about making your abandoned basket emails work as well as possible for you.

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Kick Start Your New Year Sales – Use the Top Marketing Methods for 2013 [Webinar]

The New Year might only just be getting started, but right now is when you need to be thinking about your marketing plans for 2013 – and this free webinar will help you with putting those plans in place.

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I’m going to give you a quick reminder of what the eCommerce MasterPlan is, then my take on what the critical marketing activity in 2013 for eCommerce Businesses is going to be.

As always there’ll be plenty of quick tips and advice.

Plus, bring along your questions on the book, or anything eCommerce and I’ll answer those for you on the webinar.

So register now to make sure you’re on the call to get this head start on your marketing for 2013!

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