Christmas Card Video = Brand Builder, and Content Marketing

There are lots of Christmas videos doing the rounds at the moment (strangely enough!), but I think this one’s a great example of how it can be used in eCommerce to build some depth and personality into the brand so I thought I’d blog about it. (plus I promised Mark the owner of The Present Finder that I would, as he gave me such a lovely review of my book – it’s only fair to reciprocate at this time of year!)

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New Book Published – Twitter for eCommerce

It’s been a while in the creation, but my new ebook – Twitter for eCommerce is now available!

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Best Practice Christmas Decorations

For the festive season we’ve taken a look at the top 20 UK sites of the last quarter and assessed them for how well decorated their Christmas trees are and what they are doing to make it easy for customers to buy from them.

We’ve identified five key areas to optimise on your home page. These are:

  1. Christmas Decorations – Snowmen, icicles, Santa hats and baubles are all de rigueur for Christmas decorations. 15/20 sites had been spruced up for Christmas. The winners were the supermarkets (Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s) and the losers were the clothes shops (Asos, River Island, Topman). [Read more…]