Is eCommerce now the most obvious route to business success? (as published in the Oxford Times)

Every business person spends time trying to figure out the best direction to take their company in. In the 2010s there are now so many different options that could be followed it’s becoming harder and harder to be sure you’ve made the right decision. As the economic climate continues to be hard going for most businesses it’s even more critical to find the right option, as there’s not the time to make mistakes. [Read more…]

How do you Attribute yours?

One of the most complex areas of eCommerce is Attribution. Put simply attribution is the method of deciding which marketing channel was responsible for driving a sale – was it your email marketing? Your catalogue? or your tweets?

It’s a complex area both because there’s not yet an obvious solution, and also because the debate itself is pretty hard to follow. So I was thrilled (no, seriously I was!) to find this fantastic explanation of the debate in Infographic form by QuBit.

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Wine and Stationery go together like…

Yes, I can’t think of a good end to that sentence either.

But, for UK Office Direct and Naked Wines it’s clearly a partnership that’s working. [Read more…]