When Remarketing Goes Wrong

aka When Remarketing doesn’t keep up with your Promotions…

This weekend Cargo, the homewares retailer, have a big promotion on. In honour of the bank holiday weekend they’ve taken 10% off almost all products – even those in the Sale. A great way to drive some sales on a weekend when people are thinking about DIY and their home, and the artwork on the website is really powerful – looks great.

But their remarketing activity isn’t up to speed. They’ve got a very detailed remarketing set up – so you don’t just get an ad for Cargo, you get an ad for the product you looked at: [Read more…]

Powerful Offline Marketing from Online-Only Made.com

Whilst more expensive than sending an email, a well-crafted piece of direct mail can drive lots of sales for any eCommerce business. I’m sure the recent mailing I received from Made.com will have worked well for them:

[Read more…]

How PPC Decided the Name of this Website

I didn’t want to call my book eCommerce MasterPlan - I wanted to call it eCommerce Blueprint. But I didn’t get a very good reaction when I told people that.

The title of any book is important – it needs to be easy to remember, explain what the book contains, and be relatively concise. The name of my book was even more important because it was also going to become the name of the website, plus I’m an online marketer – so the title had to work in search (on Amazon, on Google etc). So how to solve this conundrum? [Read more…]

Impact of Brand Awareness for Olympic Sponsors

Sponsoring the Olympics is one of the biggest brand awareness tactics available, and although it’s outside the budget of most eCommerce businesses it does show how powerful building awareness of your business and it’s brand can be. [Read more…]

Social Media Customer Services Tools

For any eCommerce business one of the key concerns with social media is to make sure you’re responding to any customer queries. A Facebook Page of complaining customers who aren’t being responded to is not great for anyone!

But managing customer queries on social media isn’t easy:

  • you and the customer have limitations on what can be said – just 140 characters on twitter, and also only what can be shared publicly.
  • it’s often hard to find the customer service queries, they come in from all different angles and can quickly get lost if there are lots of messages
  • once you’ve identified the messages you need to respond to it can be timeconsuming keeping track of who in your team’s responded to what – and making sure everything’s been responded to

To solve these problems – you need a good social media customer service tool. [Read more…]

Book Contents MindMap

Having just written a blog post on Conversion Blockers I started thinking about what might be stopping even more people from buying the book (at the moment the conversion rate’s well into double figures – but it never hurts to push it higher!).

Well there’s no postage cost, and we’ve promised to mail copies out as soon as we get it – so not much I can do on the shipping front.

But the most viewed page on the site is “What is the eCommerce MasterPlan?” – so clearly people want to know more about what’s in the book before deciding to buy. So I’m publishing the mindmap I created of the structure of the book, and then used to write it.

This is also a great piece of content marketing – so please share it! [Read more…]

eCommerce Conversion Blockers [infographic]

One of the subjects I discuss in the book is Conversion Blockers. The success of any eCommerce website is based on:

Traffic X Average Order Value X Conversion Rate = Sales

So for eCommerce success it’s really important to remove as many Conversion Blockers as you can. Conversion Blockers exist the whole way through a customers interaction with your business, but the ones that have the worst impact are those in the checkout of your website.

This year comScore published a report on why shoppers are abandoning their baskets – and Milo have turned it into a very useful Infographic: [Read more…]

Can a 2 Minute Video Change your eCommerce Business?

Yes, if you’re Michael Dubin CEO of DollarShaveClub.com.

Back in March this startup created a funny video about it’s product – a $1 per month men’s razor subscription service. Not the most exciting product in the world – and they use this fact well in the video. The video is fantastic content – it reflects the brand, it explains the product, it shows off the company and it’s ethos. Plus it’s funny, which always helps when you’re trying to get something to go viral online.

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