Remarketing Chapter done – with the help of Google Trends

This morning I’ve finished the remarketing chapter – first hurdle to over come was the title.

Should it be “Remarketing” or “Retargeting”? As ever – Google Trends to the rescue:

trends remarketing vs retargeting

Looking at search volume, it’s all about the blue line! So “remarketing” the chapter is.

What’s also rather bizarre is that the volume of news stories about ‘retargeting’ is almost equal to the remarketing volume – surely those writing the stories and press releases would be better off using the same words everyone else is using?

Welcome to

Today I’m building the website – a bit premature maybe, as neither the logo nor the cover for the book have been designed – but the sooner the site’s live the better, so here it is.

This website is going to hold all the extra, up to the minute, useful content that anyone with an eCommerce website needs to know. So it will be the ever-changing face of the book. Yes, that’s right – there’s a book in the pipeline, infact it’s well on the way (but more of that another time).

So, if you’re into eCommerce or considering giving it a go in the near future – then this is the website you need to be part of.

More content coming!